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The perpetrators of the Deadly Bombay Riots 1992-93 are Still Roaming Free. They divided us before and they're doing it once again.

In 1992–93, the city of Mumbai was rocked by communal riots between the Hindu and Muslim communities after the demolition of the Babri Masjidin Ayodhya by thousands of Hindu Karsevaks. While communal riots are not unusual in modern Indian history, these riots were particularly startling in light of Mumbai's largely peaceful past. Above all the Bombay Riots appeared to compromise the much-vaunted image of the city as cosmopolitan, secular and tolerant. Further, the riots appeared to solidify the image of Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray who scathingly criticised the judiciary.

Justice Srikrishna, then a relatively junior Judge of the Bombay High Court, accepted the task of investigating the causes of the riots, something that many of his colleagues had turned down. For five years, until 1998, he examined victims, witnesses and alleged perpetrators. Detractors came initially from left-secular quarters who were wary of a judge who was a devout and practising Hindu. The Commission was disbanded by the Shiv Sena-led government in January 1996. To this date, the recommendations of the Commission have neither been accepted nor acted upon by the Maharashtra Government.

SriKrishna Panel report on 1992-93 Bombay Riots is something that the Youth of India needs to acknowledge. It becomes almost compulsory for us Young Citizens of India to know what really happened and was Justice done with over 2000 deaths (900 officially)? We often ask each other, Why are we so divided as Indians? Why does Communal Politics play almost the Entire Role during Elections?. Unless these killers are not Punished for murdering over 2000 (official 900) innocent Mumbaikars, how will the Victims and their families get Justice?

My Personal Experience - Before 1992-93 Bombay Riots, as a society, Bombay was not so deeply divided. I was merely 10 years old but I very clearly remember my Father arriving in our Gulf Hotel (Colaba) owned mini bus which use to offer Airport Transfer services to guests. But this time it was loaded with injured, bloody, hand & legs cut off, howling, burnt, inncoent victims of the riot from both Hindu & Muslim community from the Dharavi - South Central area of Mumbai. The bus had bullet holes fired from Police weapons as well as rioters. Those holes unfortunately still feature in the Present society and will continue to do so in the Future if we Do Not Act Now!!

It is perceived by many that only Muslims shout out to implement this report commissioned by then Govt. of Maharashtra but it is absolutely not the case. This report very clearly names most or all the people responsible for the deadly Bombay Riots that left thousands displaced and dead. I urge each one of you to please read the entire SriKrishna panel report on 1992-93 Bombay Riots. The purpose of this petition is to bring to light the Truth reveled by this report to the current generation of India which does not believe in Communal Politics and Demands Equal Justice for All.

Please sign this petition as a Mumbaikar, as a Maharashtrian, an Indian or last but not the least a Human. We call for Justice to thousands of Victims irrespective of their Religion or backgrounds. Until then we cannot expect True Peace in our Society.

By signing this petition you can support the Implementation of Justice Srikrishna Panel Report on the Bombay Riots 1992-93.

Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind!!


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Mahatma Gandhi
Father of Nation

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
The Leader

Mulayam Singh Yadav
Loksabha MP of Uttar Pradesh

Akhilesh Yadav
Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh

Abu Asim Azmi
State President of Maharashtra
Samajwadi Party

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Indian warrior king

Jaya Bachhan
Loksabha MP

Ram manohar Lohiya
Party Patriarch

Meet the Candidate


The youngest amongst all, Farhan Azmi, is the president of SP Youth Cell, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Samajwadi party. He is also the son of a seasoned politician Abu Asim Azmi, ex Rajya Sabha Member, current MLA from Mumbai.

Global Exposure

Having travelled to many countries like the U.K., U.S., France, Thailand, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. and having seen exceptional management and developmental work, I would like to take this opportunity to implement and bring about the same kind of infrastructure and civic amenities in our constituency.


Local Connect

I am extremely familiar with Mumbai's North Central constituency as my wife, in-laws, paternal uncles and aunts are from this area. I also have my restaurant, Café Basilico at Pali Hill and Citywalk Shoes showroom at Linking Road which have been running successfully for the past decade and more in this constituency.


As I go campaigning I see a gap between the elected representative (Priya Dutt) and the voters, who are looking for another option. Accessibility and credibility will be my mantra as a M.P from this constituency. Holistic development of this constituency is my motto.

  Volunteer for Change!

Q & A with Me

It's a great opportunity to participate in this democratic uprising. I am fighting this election against Priya Dutt ji not for any personal benefits nor to fulfill my own desires. My party had offered me a Rajya Sabha ticket a few months ago but my father declined it and we believe in electoral politics and would like to go to the parliament after contesting and winning the elections in order to truly represent the constituency.
I am not fielding myself against any individual. I am fighting this election on the power of the youth for the youth against the communal forces who have a clear agenda to divide this country on the lines of Mandir & Masjid. The need of the hour is to fill the existing masjids and the mandirs. We have enough mosques and temples which go empty and the youth must realize that religion is an extremely personal issue and no party has the right to dictate secularism through this medium. On the other hand Congress has failed miserably to provide equal rights to everyone, they have always used the Muslim Votes to merely win and never represented the community with honest intentions. The fight is going to be on facts, on issues related to peoples daily lives and I assure the people that no Prime Minister will ever visit your gallis to see your problems hence the election must be based on candidates and not parties or prime minister.
This question needs a fact check!! I am in fact the only Muslim candidate fighting for this Lok Sabha elections. The Congress party who has enjoyed the Muslim support over the past decade in this constituency did not find it important to at least field one Muslim Candidate from the entire state. Need I say anything more about the BJP and rest of the communal forces like the Shiv Sena & the MNS who are now out on the streets wanting to destroy the futures of millions of Marathi Manoos in the name of Sibling Rivalry between Uddhav & Raj Thackeray. I am proud of my Indian Muslim Identity. I will take this opportunity to connect my Hindu brothers & sisters with the Muslim community and use this opportunity to bring the Muslim Community out of the doubts and allegations that the UPA GOVT has put us through in the name of National Security. Young Muslim boys and girls are ready to step outside the ghettos Priya Dutt ji has locked them in and ready to step into the real World.
As per my statistical evaluation I have a very good chance of winning against Priya & Poonam. There are close to 5.4 lac Muslim votes, above 1.7 lacs North Indian hindu votes and I believe that young Christian, Gujarati and the secular Hindu voters will ensure my victory against the highly incumbent Priya Dutt ji and the inexperienced Poonam Mahajan.

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